Age of Wushu – China server celebrates 7th anniversary with new school

While I know many gamers are seeking updates on Age of Wushu 2 since ChinaJoy 2018 just ended, unfortunately there is nothing to report. However, Age of Wushu is celebrating its 7th anniversary in China today, and developer Snail Games has added a huge update in the form of a new school, Tian Shan Sect (天山派). The last of the 10 proper schools, which include Wudang, Shaolin, and Emei, Tian Shan Sect has a neutral stance in the wuxia lore. Its disciples are clad in pure white garment while wielding either twin swords or a single sword.

The trailer above starts with 2 members of a 东洋 (as Japan was used to call in Chinese) clan known as Tenryu Secret Arts speaking. The standing one is the current leader, and his father was killed when challenging the current leader of Tian Shan Sect many years ago. Towards the end of the trailer, he mentions that it is time to revisit Tian Shan Sect, which is most probably a major storyline in the new update. As you can see, Tian Shan Sect disciples are skilled in using attacks with the ice element. I doubt this will ever arrive in the English server.