Age of Wushu – New 50-player battle royale mode added in China server

Last week, developer Snail Games added a new gameplay mode for the China server of Age of Wushu, which is very similar to the battle royale mode made popular by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Touted as the first martial arts battle royale, we are impressed at what we have seen thus far. Here are some of the details for this mode.

1. Capped at a maximum of 50 players in the map

2. All players will drop off from the sky using human kites

3. All players start off with similar stats and gear (or the lack of)

4. All equipment and skills must be discovered in the map from dead NPC corpses

5. The miracle encounter feature is found here as well, where players can discover treasure boxes with potential powerful loot. Beware of the other players gunning for it as well! This is similar to the crate drop function in PUBG.

6. While the playable area is tighten using a barrier in PUBG, here it has been replaced with natural catastrophes such as blizzard, meteor, hurricane, etc

7. Horses have replaced cars here (duh)

8. While PUBG is focused on gun combat, martial arts is the main combat system here. Players might obtain a rare manual, but they have to learn the moves quick to utilize the whole skill set. There will be times players do not have time to master it and gets killed!

9. There are potions and skill which render players hard to be spotted (like crouching or lying on the ground), or simply blending in with the surroundings.