Age of Wushu – 9th school added in 6th anniversary game update

Age of Wushu celebrated its 6th anniversary last week, and together with the celebrations, a 9th main school was added. The Ming Clan is a famous school in most martial arts novels, and in Age of Wushu, it is founded by heroes of the wulin fraternity who wants no part of the chaos which saw various groups rise up against the tyrannical imperial court and those who seek power.


Now, the cautious Ming Clan has distanced itself from both the imperial court under a new emperor, and also the wulin fraternity. The Ming Clan is of a neutral position which accepts both male and female disciples, and they are trained in the combat arts of bow, dagger, and scimitar. However, the main weapon of choice is the bow, which has a wide range of single and AOE skills.