Hyper Universe – Side-scroll MOBA enters Steam Early Access this week

[Steam page] Giving the MOBA genre a fresh and unique take, Nexon America recently announced Hyper Universe will enter Steam Early Access next week, beginning Thursday 24 Aug, available in North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania. The Early Access costs USD 15.99, but between 24 and 27 Aug, players will be able to enjoy a 38% discount when purchasing.


Just to note, Nexon America has confirmed Hyper Universe will be Free-to-Play when official launch arrives. Players jumping into the Early Access will get to play 28 diverse characters (24 given, 4 earnable) called “Hypers”, and the Delta Station Map, party matchmaking, and much more. Early Access players get to keep the unlocked Hypers for free and earn a special emblem.


Featuring the unique blend of a side-scrolling fighting game with team-oriented gameplay found in a MOBA, Hyper Universe’s action-oriented mayhem will challenge players in a whole new way. Taking many shapes and sizes, Hypers range from a mage who rains down giant snowmen on his enemies to a tentacled Admiral with the power of the kraken at his call, and more.