Ascendant One – New game trailer introduces unique game systems

Korean developer devCAT yesterday released a new introduction trailer for its upcoming MOBA, Ascendant One, highlighting some of the new gameplay elements it is introducing to the MOBA genre. Rather than a flat map, players will be traversing on a real globe, providing a unique field of view when playing. Those who are worried of potentially long traveling time can make use of teleport pods found on the map which apparently needs to be captured.

There seems to be a character stats upgrade system as well, along with mechanics such as various engage and escape skills along with the really cool air hover ability. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Ascendant One is scheduled to enter Early Access later this year in South Korea. Will the local gamers be willing to take a quick break from League of Legends and other mobile MOBA titles to give Ascendant One a try? It certainly has a tall hill to climb!