Devilian – Hack and slash action RPG launching next month in Korea

First announced way back in 2012, Devilian will be officially launching in South Korea on 12th August after nearly 2 years of additional development. Published by Hangame, developer Ginno Games once mentioned that Devilian was indeed inspired by Diablo II, along with World of Warcraft.

Devilian key art

Currently, there are only 3 classes available, which happens to include the classic warrior, mage and assassin. The game maps are instanced-based, where the max capacity of each party is at a low 3, although there seems to be boss fights where 3 parties (9 players) can battle together.


Other than the fast-paced action, Devilian features a 20 vs 20 PvP mode, where players can change into their “devil form” and unleash hell on opponents. Even more gameplay trailers can be found in this previous post. Will Devilian steal away the disgruntled Diablo III players? Time will tell.