Devilian – Open Beta for dark action RPG scheduled in Korea this July

After announced back in 2012 and a couple of test phases in 2013, Korean studio Ginno Games is ready for Open Beta this July with the brand new version of Devilian. An action MMORPG inspired by Diablo II, Hangame (NHN) will be the publisher of the game.


Devilian is now sporting a new logo, as seen in the preview videos. Other than upgraded graphics and art design, each class will now sport its own Devil-transformation skin, rather than the same Devil design for everyone. The loot system has been changed as well, with common loot no longer “useless”.


The new instanced Boss battle will pit 2 teams, currently guilds, against each other. Think of it as a PvEvP field. Vouchers are needed to enter, which are dropped from normal dungeons. The 20 vs 20 PvP battlefield will require teams to capture points, with smaller 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 modes available as well.