Devilian – Unity-powered mobile action RPG launches worldwide

Published by Gamevil, mobile action RPG Devilian today has launched worldwide for iOS and Android devices! Powered by Unity engine, Devilian is one of the most visually-appealing games on mobile presently. Over 150,000 players pre-registered to take part in the war against the armies of Kavel, impressed with the dual-character ‘Devilian’ mechanic, and its refined hack-and-slash gameplay.


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By showcasing what was previously difficult to achieve on mobile, gamers all around the world will be impressed with the mesmerizing skill animations, realistic lighting effects, and sharp environmental details. Hardcore players will appreciate the consistent frame rates as well as the ability to customize graphical settings. Devilian has also been tested to be playable across a wide range of mobile devices.

devilian-image-1 devilian-image-2 devilian-image-3


    • if you browse the files on your device you will find the filenames and directory structure commonly used on Unity3d projects

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    >Basically same as others mobile hack n slash press x to do complicated combo
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