Dragon Nest – Japan server roadmap teases new spin-off classes and more

The team at Dragon Nest Japan recently held a community meeting, disclosing what are some of the new features they can look forward to from now until the winter season. First will be the side-story of the Academic, which is getting a new spin-off class (such as Avenger, Silver Hunter, etc) named as Ride Gear this month. The Korean server received this spin-off class (Ray Mechanic) last month.


Ride Gear features a new mecha which can perform devastating physical attacks, hence it is categorized as a mid-range DPS class. The “Slayer” mode is apparently a new dungeon difficulty where new items drop, including an ultra-rare “Slayer Armor” which enhances a skill’s effects. Seen below is the roadmap mentioned above, and teaser art for the unnamed Kali spin-off class.