Age of Wushu – Legend of Mount Hua content expansion goes live

[Register now] If the timing is right, Age of Wushu should have been updated with the new Legends of Mount Hua content for its existing servers, while the new Golden Kirin server will open a couple of hours later. Legend of Mount Hua will introduce several new features, while polishing existing ones.


Age of Wushu: Legends of Mount Hua includes the following updates:

Mount Hua Competition – Top players of the server fight for legendary titles, costumes and the famed Heavenly Sword.

Yanmen Pass – Re-enact history with this new 18-man instance: 3 storylines, each with different gameplay and escalating difficulty

Youyun Sixteen Area Prefectures Battle Arena – Fight for conquest in this 40 vs 40 pvp battleground filled with supporting tasks and multiple ways to victory.

Martial Brothers System – Bridging the gap between old and new players, low levels can quickly power up and enjoy discounts on learning skills by mentoring under a veteran player.

Jianghu Factions System – Players spread fame among major Jianghu factions / NPCs to earn titles, costumes, missions, items and more.

Jianghu Heroic Playstyle & Treasure System – Players fill the Heroic Bar and challenge Jianghu Heroes to earn unique treasures with stat bonuses.

Jianghu Gratitude & Revenge System – Players earn reputation with certain NPCs for companionship in forbidden instances and the over-world (gratitude) or install lethal distraction upon enemies.

Age of Wushu: Legends of Mount HuaAge of Wushu: Legends of Mount Hua