Bella Online – Taiwan website opens up as game prepares for Closed Beta

Since being revealed earlier this year and the SEA server announced, things have gone rather quiet for Bella Online other than a some developer notes. Created by Taiwan studio/ publisher OMG, the official Taiwan website opened earlier today.


Crafted using an in-house engine known as Chameleon, it is boasted that the game’s monsters will have better AI and not just “brainless” critters.

Bella Online screenshot

Even though there are 6 main classes, various add-on features will allow players to customize their characters further into sub-classes, with no limitations on weapon types as well.

Bella Online classes

Of course, there will be the hot topic of same gender marriage in the game, along with deep Facebook integration and a smartphone app for rearing pets, also linked to the core client game. Bella Online is scheduled for release in SEA first in September, so stay tuned.

Bella Online