Strife – Heroes of Newerth creator reveals “2nd generation” MOBA

[Game website] New MOBA games are continuing to be introduced, and today S2 Games announced its 2nd MOBA after Heroes of Newerth, Strife. 1 important design aspect of Strife is to create a more positive community, which will see new players more welcomed to the game.


How will it be done? S2 Games mentioned the team will “stamp out bad behavior and create a more challenging experience with fewer heroes.”  Strife will also not allow players to chat across opposing teams. More importantly, it will limit the communication players can have with their own team.

Strife screenshot

As quoted from Polygon, Karma is Strife‘s method for policing bad behavior. After a match has concluded, players will be able to either make a positive, negative or null action against another player.

The higher a player’s karma score, the better they’re rated among the community. Those with a low score are generally going to be the jerks. All of this loops back into the reward you (the player) receive at the end of battle.

Strife screenshot

Other changes to the traditional MOBA template includes not displaying death counts at each game’s end, ability to choose who to listen and speak to in a game (voice channel), and more. Strife is scheduled to launch later this year with 25 playable characters.