Star Smash – New Disney mobile game set to launch in Japan this month

Last week, Disney and Japanese developer XFLAG announced a new mobile title, Star Smash. A single or co-op 4-player game, the gameplay is somewhat similar to a tennis games, where players hit balls to attack enemies on the other side of the portrait screen. Similar to tennis or even pinball, players have to repeatedly hit the ball’s rebound to perform more combo attacks. There are objectives to fulfil as well, not just random hitting!

What role does the Disney characters play? Well, they are actually ability cards which provide players with new abilities and upgrades. There ae different rarities and elements attached to each character ability card, so we guess it is definitely gacha time! According to the storyline, Star Smash revolved around an imaginary sport known as Star Ball. The whole story revolves around the main character, Yu, who forms a team call Red Braves. Star Smash is scheduled to launch in Japan on 16 November. Stay tuned for more updates!