X2 – Eclipse – Quick look at new mobile action RPG launched in China

It has been sometime since we played a random Chinese mobile game, and today we have one to showcase, X2 – Eclipse. The development team, SIVA, is part of a larger games company, hence it is now considered as an indie title. X2 – Eclipse draws heavily on the Japanese anime style of design (voiceovers as well), and it is an action RPG at its core. There are 8 factions, each representing gods from different cultures, and players can choose up to 3 characters inspired by the gods to form a team, with 2 controlled by AI.

Note: This video was recorded on the PC Android software BlueStacks.

X2 – Eclipse might not bring joy to lazy gamers, since the auto-combat system only unlocks after a map is cleared manually. This does not apply to the story mode, since players cannot return to completed maps. Instead, this is more useful in the tower challenge, where there are 9 levels to conquer. Similar to most mobile RPG titles these days, there is the character gacha system, gacha banners, costumes, and various cash shop items. X2 – Eclipse is an “ok” game with some neat combat mechanics, and there might be a chance for it to launch overseas according to rumors. Stay tuned for updates!