Ragnarok Origin – Quick look at starting gameplay

Ever since we posted about Ragnarok M: New Start! and stated that it is our favorite mobile adaptation of Ragnarok Online so far, we have received protests that Ragnarok Origin is actually much better. So, Ragnarok Origin is only available in South Korea and launched earlier this year. The game retains much more features closer to the original PC Ragnarok Online, including the quarter camera view and the overall mix of 2D and 3D. As many claimed they have yet to see Ragnarok Origin before, here is the starting gameplay!

Note: This video was recorded on the PC Android software BlueStacks.

While we appreciate the nostalgia, we do feel that Ragnarok M: New Start! is the one which really takes the Ragnarok IP to a brave new world. Ragnarok Origin will not be launching outside of South Korea anytime soon, so compare the 2 starting experiences and make your own judgement! As mentioned previously, Ragnarok M: New Start! is scheduled to launch in Southeast Asia by Bytedance next year. Stay tuned for new updates on the game!