Ragnarok X: Next Generation – Southeast Asia publisher announced for new mobile MMORPG

South Korean developer recently dropped a total bombshell when it announced a Southeast Asia publisher for its new Ragnarok mobile MMORPG, Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Just to be clear, this game previously held several Closed Beta tests in China under Tencent, and you can view our Closed Beta impression article right here. Do note that over 1 year has passed, hence things might have changed in-game. So, who is the publisher for the Southeast Asia server of Ragnarok X: Next Generation? Read on below for the big reveal…

  1. The Southeast Asia publisher for Ragnarok X: Next Generation is ByteDance.
  2. ByteDance is the China-based parent company of social app, TikTok.
  3. ByteDance entered the gaming market in China a few months ago, and this is apparently the first time it will be doing publishing duties overseas.
  4. ByteDance will launch Ragnarok X: Next Generation in Taiwan first later this year (2020), with no schedule for the Southeast Asia server.
  5. Will ByteDance add TikTok functions into the game? Nobody is clear on that now.
  6. Ragnarok X: Next Generation, despite having several Closed Beta tests in China since 2018, is currently not launched in China yet under Tencent.
  7. Ragnarok X: Next Generation and Ragnarok Origin are TWO DIFFERENT GAMES. More details here: https://bit.ly/3gUwDv8