Ragnarok M: New Start! – Quick look at starting gameplay for new Taiwan server

First of all, this is the Taiwan server of Ragnarok M: New Start!, which previously had a Closed Beta in China under Tencent Games last year. However, Tencent Games has since removed the game without an official launch, which is a mystery since the Ragnarok IP is still very strong in the world’s largest gaming market. This server of Ragnarok M: New Start! has more polish to it (including new cutscenes), but basically the core systems are still the same. In my opinion, New Start! is much more mobile-friendly than Eternal Love.

Note: This video was recorded on the PC Android software BlueStacks with max settings.

As the regional server Southeast Asia is confirmed to launch sometime next year, we will not be discussing too much details. Let’s just say this is a proper modern remake of Ragnarok Online, rather than a sequel since the storyline still feels similar, though adding more context to the original. Your favorite base classes are there, including the Merchant which was not ready for the China Closed Beta, including the first job advancements. We can’t wait to see Ragnarok M: New Start! dominate the charts next year when it arrives!