Gran Saga – Developer teams up with Kakao Games for Korean launch marketing campaign

With the launch of Gran Saga in South Korea on the horizon, developer and publisher NPIXEL recently announced a marketing partnership with Kakao Games to elevate the game before and after launch. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Gran Saga is a mobile and PC cross-platform MMORPG led by a former team of veterans who worked on Netmarble’s Seven Knights (ironically Seven Knights II is launching this week). While NPIXEL may have funding, it is after all a new company, and getting help from Kakao Games is just brilliant.

Kakao has dominated the social market in South Korea, with its mobile messaging app KakaoTalk and also a widespread usage of its internet café software throughout major cities such as Seoul. NPIXEL kicked off its marketing campaign recently with the music video “Ahead of Time”, the official theme song for Gran Saga performed by K-pop royalty Taeyeon. With its focus on unique characters, living weapons, massive landscape and epic story, the team at NPIXEL is charging up to show the world the next evolution of MMORPG!