Black Desert Mobile – Pearl Abyss teases Grand Desert expansion and its one-year anniversary celebration

Black Desert Mobile is close to celebrating its one-year anniversary, and developer Pearl Abyss is celebrating this milestone with several upcoming content additions to the massive mobile MMORPG. Developed using an in-house engine, Grand Desert is the expansion being prepared for a launch soon. Enjoy the teaser trailer for the Grand Desert and stay tuned!

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Note: Black Desert Mobile can also be played on PC using BlueStacks.

Grand Desert Region

Adventurers can explore mysterious temples and unravel treasure to discover more about the Black Spirit that lives in the desert. The Grand Desert expansion also brings new quests and rewards for players

One Year Anniversary Event

To celebrate Black Desert Mobile’s one year anniversary on December 8, a special in-game event, Black Spirit Complete Guide, will be held. For a limited time, the event will give players special quests to level up quickly and unlock endgame content.

Crystal of Dimensions

The Crystal of Dimensions is a new attack and defense boost. It can be crafted at the alchemy workshop, providing players with a new form of character progression.

Carriage Upgrade

Carriages now allow players to carry more goods. A new SS rank for Merchantry is also available, allowing players to get more resources in a single run.

Returning User-care System

The new returning user-care system allows returning Black Desert Mobile players to enjoy new content more easily. This questline helps players reach higher levels faster and are tied to silver rewards.