NPIXEL – Former Seven Knights developers obtain over USD 25 million in new investment

If you did not already know, NPIXEL is a new South Korean studio formed by former developers of games such as Seven Knights and it is working on its first title, Gran Saga. Today, it was announced that NPIXEL has obtained a new round of Series A investment worth over USD 25 million. Companies taking part in this massive round include Coupang (which was invested by SoftBank), Woowa Bros, and KRAFTON among several others.

This is touted as the largest Series A investment amount in Korean history. If I read correctly, NPIXEL now has an enterprise value (EV) of over USD 250 million! NPIXEL has also stated it has now set its sights on becoming a global games company with a “solid games lineup.” Other than the cross-platform Gran Saga, NPIXEL is also working on other new projects, though only one is named as “Project S.” Stay tuned for future updates!