Final Fantasy XV – Online mobile RPG announced by Square Enix

Earlier today, it was announced that Japanese game behemoth Square Enix, together with little-known Korean developer JSC (Joyful Space of Creation), and Chinese game studio GAEA are working together to develop a mobile RPG based on Final Fantasy XV. Both teams have previously worked with Square Enix on various titles before. Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group will publish this untitled game in China, with nothing mentioned for any other region.

As described by the official press release, unlike the original Final Fantasy XV focused on single-player experience, this mobile version will contain many more multiplayer features. It will be crafted by Unreal Engine 4 too. The story here will feature a parallel re-telling featuring the same road-trip but with different scenarios and even new areas, one known as the Great Pagoda along with continents floating in the skies. The first game trailer will be made public in the first half of 2020, and there is currently no schedule for its launch.