Shin Yulgang Mobile – Mobile MMORPG set to launch first in Taiwan

Shin Yulgang Mobile was first announced back in 2018 by developer Mgame, and the team has certainly taken its time to get the game to the next level. Recently, it was made public that Shin Yulgang Mobile will first launch in Taiwan by local publisher HappyTuk. Following that, local media outlets managed to conduct a series of interviews with Mgame. Here are some of the key points translated by the MMO Culture team. Stay tuned for game updates!

Q: Why the decision to launch Shin Yulgang Mobile in Taiwan first?

A: This decision was made after lengthy discussions with HappyTuk. The first reason is due to the region’s love for Yulgang, while the second reason is HappyTuk willing to fully co-operate with us to make sure the game’s launch is a success.

Q: With various Yulgang mobile games already launched (none made by Mgame), why the decision to make another?

A: Our aim is to make a mobile title true to the original Yulgang game for the global market, with players able to play the game without restricted by the environment they are in. We also wish to welcome gamers who have yet to play Yulgang to try the game out.

Q: What were some difficulties encountered during development?

A: A core challenge was to extend the Yulgang IP while making sure the game is suited for mobile devices (in terms of features). The main challenge is to make sure the game works on the many different mobile devices out there, all with different specs, which is not an easy task. The smaller screen wasn’t really an issue for the development team.

Q: There are already a number of popular PC MMORPG titles on the mobile platform. What makes Shin Yulgang Mobile different from them?

A: The Yulgang IP itself is unique, along with the stylish martial arts moves and colorful comical world. With Shin Yulgang Mobile, we aim to expand on the features found in the original game, and players can expect all kinds of PVE, PVP, and life features. Retaining the original game’s features, players can expect regular game updates after launch.

Q: Are there any launch details which can be shared?

A: Shin Yulgang Mobile will launch with 5 classes, with more being planned as content updates post-launch. Other than new maps, new cosmetic content such as costumes and pets are always being worked on by the development team.