Shin Yulgang Mobile – New mobile MMORPG based on classic online game announced

Before I begin, do note that this game is different from the previous 3 mobile titles based on the Yulgang IP, mainly Yulgang Origin, Yulgang Mobile, and Yulgang M. Different from the other 3, Shin Yulgang Mobile is developed in-house by Mgame, the IP owner. I am using “Shin” in the title has “Real Yulgang Mobile” sounds weird, though the accurate translation.

It seems that Mgame is trying hard to differentiate the game from its predecessors. The term “perfect transfer” is being touted, which means Shin Yulgang Mobile is a faithful remake of the original PC MMORPG, Yulgang Online. You can see bits of actual gameplay in the reveal trailer, where the graphics look really similar. Did you notice all the English text?