Yulgang Origin – Quick look at Closed Beta phase of new action RPG

Developed by little-known Tigon Mobile and published by Line Games, Yugang Origin entered Closed Beta recently in South Korea. Based on the popular Korean comics, Yulgang, it seems the IP is very popular in Asia, as it is the 3rd mobile game after Yulgang M and Yulgang Mobile. Yulgang Origin is an action RPG with isometric view, which differs from the other 2 titles. Do note that some game features are missing during Closed Beta.

I rather like the option of having 3 characters in each team, with 2 controlled by AI. Players can also choose which character they want to control, and not only stick to the 2 main characters of Yulgang. Players will have to gacha for stronger characters, graded by the number of stars (3 to 5). Some main characters have different versions as well, which is really cool. Despite the simplistic gameplay, we do love the vibrant colors and graphics.