Yulgang Mobile – First look at Closed Beta phase of new mobile RPG

Developed in China by an obscure studio, Joy Pie Games, and published by domestic heavyweight Longtu Game, Yulgang Mobile recently entered Closed Beta for local gamers. If you did not know, Yulgang Mobile is based on the PC online game Yulgang Online (or Scions of Fate), which in turn is based on a Korean manhwa. I am actually pleased to see these classes with both genders available.

While I have yet to reach the appropriate level, the game is still based on the epic battle between the 2 factions, Chaos and Order. There are currently 2 advancements, with players having to choose one of the factions at the 2nd one. Yulgang Mobile is littered with gameplay modes, including world boss, co-op and solo dungeons, PVP arena, guild functions, costumes, mounts, pets, and many more.

Yulgang Mobile might seem really boring, but the sheer amount of features available (and the generous amount of energy for Closed Beta) really kept me occupied, though not always entertained. The game should be staying only in Asia, since Longtu Game has yet to publish any titles overseas. With tweaking after getting feedback, Yulgang Mobile could be a really engaging mobile MMORPG.