Seven Knights MMORPG – Unreal Engine 4 mobile game announced

At the annual Netmarble Together with Press (NTP) event in South Korea, Netmarble confirmed its upcoming lineup of mobile games, including the already-revealed Blade & Soul Mobile, TERA Mobile, and over 10 other titles. Surprisingly, the developer announced Seven Knights MMORPG (tentative name), which will be crafted using Unreal Engine 4. There is no launch schedule for the games.

Netmarble also confirmed a focus on open-world online mobile MMORPG, with titles such as Blade & Soul Mobile, TERA Mobile, Icarus M, and Seven Knights MMORPG all falling in the same category. It also seems like all these titles will be action games. 3 other surprising titles announced include The King of Fighters All Star, Yokai Watch: Medal Wars, and G.I.JOE. Not all titles will see a global launch.


Full list of mobile games announced at the event:

  1. Seven Knights MMORPG
  2. Blade & Soul Mobile
  3. TERA Mobile
  4. Icarus M
  5. The King of Fighters All Star
  6. Yokai Watch: Medal Wars
  7. G.I.JOE
  8. Stone Age MMORPG
  9. Knights Chronicle
  10. Teria Saga
  11. Phantom Gate
  12. Yokai Saga
  13. Destiny 6
  14. Penta Storm
  15. First Born: Kingdom Come
  16. Trendy Town
  17. Transformers: Forged to Fight