Knights Chronicle – Quick look at new mobile RPG from Netmarble Japan

Following the success of Seven Knights globally, Netmarble is back with Knights Chronicle, developed by internal studio Netmarble Monster. Oddly, Knights Chronicle is only available in Japan now, rather than launching first in South Korea. Touted as the “ultimate mobile RPG”, Knights Chronicle is once again a turn-based game with colorful characters. As expected, there are many characters which can only be obtained from the gacha system.

An interesting feature, the game can be played in either portrait or landscape mode simply by turning around your device, although I am sure there is a function to lock it. More games should adapt this convenient function! My first impression of the combat is rather “meh”, seeing that it is still sticking to the “press skill button and win” formula. Perhaps spurred by how popular Seven Knights is, Netmarble is not trying to innovate too much.