Element9 – Quick look at new mobile MMORPG recently launched in South Korea

Element9 is a new mobile MMORPG which launched in South Korea recently, with the developer hailing from neighboring China. Element9 first caught our eyes during Closed Beta in its home country, but we were intrigued to give the Korean server a go as it is the first to have an official launch. Naturally, the vivid array of colors drew us in, although we would understand if some gamers are turned off by it. The MMORPG temple is strong here, with 4 starting classes, a wide array of costumes, mounts, pets, PVP, PVE, and… gachas.

One of the core features somewhat unique to Element9 is the summoning of different robots when the gauge meter if full, somewhat like a berserk mode. There are various robots to unlock, and the Korean server is even having a collaboration to sell Robot Taekwon V, a classic Korean animation icon! If there is any North America server, perhaps they can consider the original Megazord from Power Rangers to sell… To end this quick introduction, a little bird has informed us that a Southeast Asia server for Element9 is being worked on by a big Vietnamese publisher. We can’t confirm that, but stay tuned for news!