Joycity – South Korean global publisher announces new games for 2021

You might not have heard of Joycity, but they are the Korean mobile games publisher behind titles such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War and with over 10 million global downloads on Google Play, Warship Battle. Rather than wait for G-Star 2020 to showcase their new games, Joycity held a solo media exhibition yesterday. Here are the 5 games announced, some of which are already available in regions around the world. Read on!

Project NEO

This game is currently in development by Mojito Games, a subsidiary of Joycity, which made titles such as Game of Dice and more recently, Hero Ball Z. The genre will be SLG (building cities/kingdoms and going to war, much like TERA: Endless War) except with colorful and hand-drawn anime girls. Mojito Games’ art department has done an awesome job with the art in previous games, but pairing it with the SLG genre seems odd… We shall see! It is scheduled for a global launch in 2021 with soft-launch in some regions this year.

Project M

This is another title currently being developed by Mojito Games. While it still uses the anime-girls theme, the genre now is a collection RPG. The background of Project M has a dystopian worldview set in the near future, introducing a rather dark story on the subject of human survival. Mojito Games claimed that Project M is the accumulation of all experience developing the previous titles, with a soft-launch and global launch starting next year.

The King of Fighters: Street War

This is the 3rd new game from Joycity which is being prepared for launch in 2021. Based on the SNK series of fighting games, The King of Fighters: Street War is not an action title, but a “MMO-SLG” developed by Korean studio NDREAM. This team made games such as the previously-mentioned Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War and TERA: Endless War. We have no idea how The King of Fighters can be made into a strategy game, but we also did not fathom how it became a MMORPG back in 2017. Will this end well? Stay tuned.

CrossFire: Warzone

Shitty piece of garbage using the popular online FPS (mainly in Asia) CrossFire and making it into a strategy game. Really? We have yet to play this (it is available over here), but we wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole given our experience with TERA: Endless War…

TERA: Endless War

Shitty piece of garbage using content from the popular MMORPG, TERA. You can read our first impression of the game right here, but we have just one warning: STAY AWAY!!!

Bonus: Bless Mobile

Oddly enough, Joycity did not mention anything about the overseas launch of Bless Mobile, which has already launched in South Korea. As the game had some translated English text in the Korean launch version, we thought that it would be given a mention. We are still confident that Bless Mobile will eventually see its English launch, so stay tuned for news!