Bless Mobile – Quick look at first 90 minutes of new Korean mobile MMORPG

Developer ThinkFun and publisher Joycity recently launched their new mobile MMORPG, Bless Mobile, in South Korea. Based on the PC MMORPG title Bless Online from Neowiz, this version is built using Unreal Engine 4 and was touted to be better in terms of graphics and gameplay than the original. As you can see from the videos below, Bless Mobile is being prepared for the English market with some text already translated. To summarize, the first 90 minutes of the game is a pretty uneventful one with many tutorials along the way.

As the connection to the South Korean server was really unstable, we encountered much lag when playing Bless Mobile. While the first 90 minutes lacked any real excitement, there are more features later in the game such as world bosses, guild raids, various PVP modes, and many more. Take a look at those official game trailers here. While there is no weapon or armor gacha, Bless Mobile does have gacha for accessories which do provide additional stats. It remains unseen if Joycity is preparing the English version for this year. Stay tuned!