Fairy Tail: Powers Awaken – Closed Beta preview of new mobile RPG in China

The licensed anime mobile game train begins again in China, with Fairy Tail: Powers Awaken being the latest to hop on board. Developed by Babeltime, one of the bigger independent studio in China and officially licensed by Japanese IP owner Kodansha, the Closed Beta version of Fairy Tail: Powers Awaken was made public recently and we took a quick spin in it. Fairy Tail is an anime and manga series which is dear to many of us, and the game does not disappoint in retelling the story right from the start when Natsu was known as the Salamander. Little could go wrong unless the story was changed drastically.

Other than being a gacha title which many mobile gamers are familiar with, there is a small unique element in terms of combat. When played manually during combat, players can assigned the blue mana manually to individual characters and unleashing their ultimate skills. In the automated mode, it is always based on a first-come-first-serve basis. There is also a neat offline idle mode, which isn’t something special, but is always good to have. We had fun with Fairy Tail: Powers Awaken, but it most likely remain as a China-exclusive title.