Elyon – Ascent: Infinite Realm gets new game title and prepares for Korean Closed Beta

As teased last week, there was going to be a major announcement regarding the future of Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) today. Developer Bluehole and publisher Kakao Games have decided to rename the PC MMORPG to Elyon, with the original name being the sub-title. It seems that things are finally moving along, as Closed Beta in South Korea will begin on 11 April with recruitment now ongoing. And yes, instead of tab-target, Elyon features the non-target system which made TERA famous. It is labeled as “Dynamic Combat” here in Elyon.

Elyon still features 2 warring factions, with skill customizing also mentioned as one of the 3 pillars (with Dynamic Combat). The 3rd and final pillar is rather curious, as it is focused on “Competition” which is more on PVP. I would have thought that all the aerial battles will be highlighted as a cor feature of Elyon. However, the development team has confirmed with the Korean media that elements of aerial combat has been greatly reduced along with the refreshing of overall worldview. This is the main reason for the name change as well.