Devil Hunter: Eternal War – Walkthrough of newly launched mobile MMORPG

Century Game, the publishing team behind Lumia Saga, is now preparing for the Southeast Asia and global launch of its new mobile action MMORPG, Devil Hunter: Eternal War. We managed to try the game out early and decided to do a write-up about it. Devil Hunter definitely has its pros and cons, and as usual we will not mince our words on where the game performs poorly, but we will also highlight the positives. Join us on our journey to discover what awaits everyone in the epic world of Devil Hunter: Eternal War!

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Note: These preview articles for Devil Hunter are based on our solo preview adventure. The game experience might change when it launches to a larger audience. Read on!

Positive game highlights

● As usual for an Asian mobile MMORPG, there are tons of features for players to discover in both PVE and PVP modes, along with guilds, cosmetics, and much more. We will take a deeper look into these in Part 2 of our preview for Devil Hunter.

● Compared to some sub-par Asian mobile MMORPG titles launched these few months, Devil Hunter’s max HD graphics setting can be quite pleasing on the eyes.

● The story is combination of various ancient Chinese myths and legends, including many familiar and iconic characters (such as Sun Wukong).

● Certain boss fights are pretty epic, although the earlier ones can be easily slayed using the auto-battle function.

● Very generous player benefits and rewards for both daily attendance and achievements attained. Without spending a dime, we felt that progress with these free items are really helping out with no major paywall after several full hours of gaming.

PVE and PVP modes

As previously mentioned in Part 1, Devil Hunter has quite a number of gameplay modes to keep players engaged for a good few hours. Starting out, one would expect to have more interaction with the PVE side of things, starting from story dungeons, daily quests, and eventually progressing to world bosses and guild missions. The early PVP mode, which is a simple 1 vs 1, might seem mediocre, but it is just a basic introduction before the big PVP features open up at higher levels. Early progression is no issue without paying a dime!

Costumes, wings, pets, and mounts

Players are going to be divided over this, as some prefer cosmetic items to remain neutral and not add combat stats due to the “Pay to Win” nature of things. While most of them require cash purchases, there are still a number which are unlocked through gameplay achievements and seasonal events. Some of the pets and mount skins are really atrocious, and we do wonder how they will look in the actual game, especially the huge flying ones!


About Century Game

Founded in 2010, Century Game has over 600 employees from over 20 countries and houses eight internal studios.

Since its debut, they have released several games on Facebook Canvas Games, including Family Farm, which ranked first in social games among Asian game developers on Facebook’s platform. In 2016, they helped publish KingsGroup’s large-scale strategy game King of Avalon, becoming a bestseller in 67 countries. In 2017, they teamed up with KingsGroup to publish Guns of Glory, which became another bestseller in 45 countries and regions.


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