Trickster M – NCsoft officially reveals cross-platform adventure MMORPG

I first discovered the existence of a Trickster mobile game back in February when Korean developer Ntreev Soft posted various open roles for the project. Yesterday, together with Pangya M, Trickster M was officially revealed at NCsoft’s media conference event. If you did not know, Trickster Online was a MMORPG launched for the PC back in 2003 which had a modest but fanatic following on the global stage. Of course, one of the main elements of Trickster Online was the unique drilling system! While most mobile MMORPG titles are focused on combat, Ntreev Soft stated that Trickster M’s main theme will be “adventure.”

A core feature of Trickster M is the open world system, similar to Lineage M. Unlike the original, there will be PVP maps and modes, including group formation battles. Players will eventually have to fight over good drilling spots for artifacts and treasures! The graphics have been updated for Trickster M to bring the classic IP right to the current modern era.

The environment will change according to the in-game time and weather, which is really awesome! For example, a heavy rain might reveal a hidden path to ancient ruins in the open world… Some stories from Trickster Online are added into the game too! Trickster M will use Purple for cross-platform gaming. There is no launch date set yet, so stay tuned!