Pangya M – First trailer for casual fantasy mobile golf game revealed

Earlier today, Korean gaming giant NCsoft held a press conference titled “Trinity Wave” to introduce 3 of their upcoming new mobile games. Of course, Pangya M is one of them. The title was really popular back during its PC heydays, and developer Ntreev Soft (a subsidiary under NCsoft) is keen to have as many original features retained as possible. Not all made the final cut, but Ntreev Soft promised there are various upgrades to improve the game. It was mentioned that Pangya M is indeed a “sequel” to the original Pangya game for the PC.

Note: Pangya Mobile actually did launch back in 2017 and was published by Line for a few select countries. Initially it even required VPN to get past the login screen (you could turn it off afterwards). The service was up and running until earlier this year when it shut down back in February. Thanks to reader Eric for sending this correct information!

Players can look forward to enhanced graphics, new story mode, new and fully-voiced characters. Gameplay wise, there are new environments and crazy skills such as whirlwind and even summoning monsters! Also, players can now “attack” opposing players directly, which seems really peculiar… There is a new “rage meter” as well, with players able to cast several skills at once to create their own powerful ultimate skill. Pangya M is a cross-platform title as well as it will be playable on PC through NCsoft’s Purple platform.