Purple – NCsoft holds media event to officially introduce emulator software

Earlier today, NCsoft held a media event to introduce its brand-new game software, Purple. Announced a few months back, Purple was developed to allow cross-platform play for Lineage 2M between PC and mobile devices, hence removing platform restrictions many other mobile MMORPG titles face. Rather than working with established software like BlueStacks, NCsoft wanted the experience to be optimized for its own games, hence the Purple project was started in-house. Here are more details on Purple from the media event!

See Lineage 2M in full 4K UHD action on Purple right here!

● Purple supports Lineage 2M at native 4K resolution at 60FPS on PC with the required specifications

● The minimum requirement for Purple now is the i5-3570 CPU model

● Graphics and textures will be more details on PC as well

● PC version supports 200-degree field of view, much wider than mobile devices

● Purple allows multiple accounts (I am guessing this means 1 player can have many Lineage 2M accounts, not instances of Purple)

● Similar to most Android emulators, players can customize all keys to their liking

● PurpleTalk is the chat system implemented which allows players to easily communicate, with voice chat feature enabled

● The mobile app version of Purple has the chat system too, and will notify players if their characters died while still running in the game on PC

● We take a break now to admire the new game logo for Lineage 2M.

● Live-stream function is being tested right now, a feature with no extra installations needed

● NCsoft is not ready to discuss about potential live-stream sponsorship deals as the main function of Purple now is to support cross-play and build a community

● NCsoft wants players to play their games from as many channels as possible, so they are not restricting players to use other Android emulators

● The main policy in NCsoft now is to support cross-platform gameplay for all new titles

● There will be no additional charges or payment channels. Everything is similar to the vanilla mobile version of Lineage 2M

● There are plans to launch Purple in global markets, and there are even internal ideas on automatic translation for chats.

● Console version of Purple is being considered, but there are many hurdles to cross

● NCsoft is in talks with Apple on allowing iOS users (iPhone and Mac) to connect with Android users via Purple

● The name is set as Purple as the software was meant to connect the borders between PC and mobile devices, similar to how purple being the color in the middle of red and blue

● Purple will be available for download in South Korea on 25 November, a few days before the launch of Lineage 2M.