Black Desert Online – Limited-time campaign with BERSERK anime begins

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have announced that in collaboration with Kentaru Muira (Studio Gaga) they are bringing the world of hit-anime Berserk to Black Desert Online. From November 20 until December 6, adventurers can experience the grim fantasy of Berserk via new quests, bosses and items. Players can immediately start a questline that will see them traversing the world of Black Desert Online on Berserk themed quests.

North America and Europe server:

Southeast Asia server:

The quest-line culminates in a confrontation with a truly legendary foe, the fierce demon Nosferatu Zodd. Players will face Nosferatu Zodd near the Hexe Marie Sanctuary, an eerie graveyard overrun with all manner of undead creatures. It seems that players might be able to find common cause with an especially legendary knight… In addition to the quest line and bosses, new outfits and skins for the fairy companion have been added to the Pearl Shop, allowing adventurers to evoke the iconic “Berserker Armor” for male classes.

For players that are looking for something more elegant, a new outfit styled after Griffith, Guts’ archnemesis, will be available for the female character classes. There’s also a new skin for the player’s fairy character that gives them a look inspired by Puck, the trusty companion of Guts, from the popular anime Berserk. Remember, this is a limited-time event which lasts until December 6, so don’t miss all the exclusive costumes and rewards!