Ragnarok Online: Project Z – Quick look at Closed Beta phase of new mobile idle RPG

Korean developer Gravity recently announced that it has 2 games based on Ragnarok Online in development, one being Project S (a MMORPG for unspecified platform) and also Project Z, a mobile game which recently entered beta testing in a couple of countries. At its core, Project Z is a new idle game using the Ragnarok Online IP, though it is very different from RO: Idle Poring. There are many more features and functions for players to control.

We tried out Project Z for a few hours, and while there are some obvious flaws which need to be fixed, the core gameplay itself is pretty easy to understand. While RO: Idle Poring focuses on the monsters of Ragnarok Online, the main focus in Project Z is on characters, being able to job advance, equip gears, add stats, and more. The requirement to progress from each stage is to defeat a specific stage boss, which doesn’t always spawn. You can find out more about the game in the long gameplay video we have recorded. Stay tuned!