Blade & Soul Complete – 13th new class arriving in Korean server next week

NCsoft recently announced that the 13th character class for Blade & Soul, 천도사, is arriving in the Korean server on 24 June. Exclusive to the Lyn race, there are actually 2 trees of skills in this new class, one which handles the power of the heavenly body “Galaxy”, while the other controls the power of the skies “Ure”. “Galaxy” users are able to distort space and disappear for 3 seconds and summon a show of falling stars to deal AOE damage. “Ure” users are able to summon a wind vortex and move swiftly, damage enemies using lightning, and summon clouds to increase allies’ movement speed. Certainly a unique class!

Update 31 July: The English name for this class is tentatively known as Astromancer.