Metal Slug: Codename J – SNK and Tencent reveals new platform shooting mobile game

Tencent revealed several new games during yesterday’s event in China (other than Pokémon Unite), and we are here to give the lowdown on some of these titles. First up is Metal Slug: Codename J (tentative name), developed by an internal team over at TiMi Studios alongside IP owner SNK. TiMi Studios is now seen as Tencent’s main development arm, with titles such as Contra Returns, Arena of Valor (王者荣耀), Call of Duty: Mobile and of course, Pokémon Unite. Take a look at the reveal trailer for Metal Slug: Codename J!

Some of the key features highlighted for Metal Slug: Codename J include:

● Original classic characters including Marco Rossi, Eri Kasamoto, Tarma Roving, and Fiolina Germi.

● Familiar stages and gun-play from the Metal Slug series of games

● Easter eggs and secrets hiding throughout the stages

● Epic boss encounters

Brand-new features in Metal Slug: Codename J include:

● Environmental interaction (seen via the freezing effect on water surface turning into ice and walkable surface in the trailer)

● Player interaction hub