Elyon – Developer previews the flexible skill customization system

Next month, Bluehole and parent company KRAFTON will be holding the first beta phase for just 2 days for Elyon, their next mega MMORPG. Once known as A:IR with a focus on aerial combat, this feature has since been minimized with a focus on combat instead, particularly on non-target fighting and skills customization. This is hyped as a flexible system where players can switch them according to the battlefield type, such as PVE, PVP, and RVR.

This skill customization system are portrayed in the 2 videos here, showcasing a ranged Assassin vs a melee Assassin, followed by an ice Elementalist vs a fire Elementalist. For example, the ice Elementalist’s skills allows her to chip away enemy health gradually along with crowd control mechanics, while the fire Elementalist deal maximum damage in a more straightforward way. There are artifacts and runestones which will affect skill abilities too!