Codename SYN – Tech demo for ambitious open-world cyberpunk online FPS revealed

Tencent announced several new games (such as Metal Slug Codename: J) over the weekend in a streaming event, along with updates on several in-development ones. Codename: SYN is a surprise entry, as there was no teaser prior. Currently a technical demo, it is developed by an internal team known as Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, which made games including PUBG Mobile. If you did not know, Tencent is the majority owner of Epic Games, hence all their studios have access to the latest Unreal Engine technology.

Codename: SYN is depicted as an open world, cyberpunk online FPS built for PC and console systems. As this is a technical demo, all the best features of Unreal Engine are pushed to their limits, which does not mean what we see now will be in the final product. So don’t get your hopes too high up yet! The game might end up being something else, something similar to Blizzard’s Project Titan becoming Overwatch. Stay tuned for updates!