Aura Kingdom 2 – Quick gameplay preview of upcoming global English server

As first reported last month, Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment is preparing for the global launch of Aura Kingdom 2. The team here at MMO Culture was able to test out the game on a PC client (not sure if it will be available at launch) for a brief moment. We had previously tried out the original Taiwanese server as well, so you can head there for even more details about gameplay. Remember to pre-register for Aura Kingdom 2 now!


Other than the huge change in graphics from the original Aura Kingdom on PC, the main combat system with Eidolons changed as well in this sequel. As you can see from the combat scenes, players can form a team of 5 Eidolons, with the leader following you around. The other Eidolons in the team will be summoned briefly to deal some damage or provide buffs according to the meter seen right in the middle area. We find this system refreshing and unique, something which is lacking nowadays in mobile MMORPG titles.