Aura Kingdom 2 – Quick look at mobile sequel to popular PC MMORPG

First announced in January by Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment, Aura Kingdom 2 came as a surprise for many as there wasn’t an extended period of teasing. Even more surprising is that the mobile MMORPG has recently launched in Singapore and Malaysia (the traditional Chinese version), even earlier than Taiwan. I am guessing X-Legend is using the 2 countries as testing grounds to make improvements first before releasing it in Taiwan, a top-spending country for mobile games in Asia. Here is a quick look at Aura Kingdom 2!

• It seems that the trademark “class switching” and “weapons switching” function of games from X-Legend Entertainment is missing in Aura Kingdom 2, reverting to a more generic single-class system. As far as I have played, there is no mention of any dual system. However, there is a major change to the combat system which you can read about below.

• I absolutely love the new Eidolon system, where players can form teams of 5. The leader Eidolon follows the player around and cast his or her full range of skills. The other 4 Eidolons will pop up according to the timer and cast a skill (attack/ buff/ heal). It literally means each character has around 10 active skills!

• The world map is fairly large and reasonable for a game which has just launched. There are around 10 different areas, including a couple of towns. Of course, this does not include the various instanced dungeons (story mode, upgrades, party etc).

• The cash shop is pretty much full of items, packages and gacha options, except for costumes which is still at a bare minimal. I am otherwise surprised at how expensive the Diamonds are, just look at the prices below! Each 10+1 gacha for Eidolons costs 3000 Diamonds, so go figure. I was really expecting the price to be more lenient.

• The rest of the game is pretty standard MMORPG fare. I am currently at level 40, and the level cap should be at level 70. I do wonder when and how X-Legend is planning to launch Aura Kingdom 2 for the English market. I am guessing it will be a solo effort instead of finding a publisher. Stay tuned for updates!