Aura Kingdom 2 – X-Legend announces sequel to popular fantasy MMORPG

With Taipei Game Show starting next week, Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment announced Aura Kingdom 2, the official sequel to the wildly popular anime game, Aura Kingdom. However, do note that Aura Kingdom 2 is a mobile MMORPG, not a PC one. Developed by the team which made Aura Kingdom, the sequel will have a brand new story while retaining elements from the original, along with new “next generation” graphics.

Other than knowing that Aura Kingdom is a mobile game with a middle-age fantasy design, not much else is now known, with the main reveal taking place next week at Taipei Game Show. X-Legend Entertainment, which has its own exhibition booth, has prepared goodie bags with Aura Kingdom merchandise for attendees and fans. Stay tuned for more updates!



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