Spiritwish – Quick impression of new fantasy mobile MMORPG

Just to be clear, I am writing down my early gameplay experience based on just 2 hours of game time. It might not seem like much, but the first couple of hours will likely determine if a player stays on. Spiritwish is a new mobile MMORPG developed by NEON Studio, a new team within Nexon Korea. The overall design looks very similar to Tree of Savior, but that is where the similarity ends. Players control a team of 3 characters, with new ones available through the cash shop (25 in total). I am not sure if it is because I am just 2 hours in, but Spiritwish is a VERY boring mobile game. You can tell perhaps why in the video below.

Basically, the first 2 hours just required players to go around repeatedly farming to the extent of being similar to an idle game. You might say that other mobile MMORPG titles have the same boring loop, but somehow Spiritwish managed to make it even more stale and unbearable to continue further, thinking that the next 2 hours will still be the same experience. I do know that there will be at least a PVP arena being unlocked soon, but that isn’t really interesting. Really, I have nothing more to say at this time to really introduce other content. I might not continue playing, but we shall see. What’s your initial verdict?