Aura Kingdom 2 – Pre-registration begins for new global mobile MMORPG

Despite some previous hardships, Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment is back in the global market with its latest mobile MMORPG, Aura Kingdom 2! Best known for its PC titles such as Grand Fantasia, Twin Saga and of course, Aura Kingdom, its mobile titles did not manage to take the gamers by storm thus far. Now deciding to self-publish the global version of Aura Kingdom 2 will be a very good chance for the team to get their mojo back!


Pre-register for Aura Kingdom 2 right now via the official pre-registration page and receive Eidolon “Stacy” along with 500 Gems upon server launch. Wait, there’s more! All players get an additional Eidolon “Serville”, “Valk”, or “Mo”, as well as other rewards the milestones are achieved. Also, invite more friends for to speed up the process as well! Seen below are the key features of Aura Kingdom 2, which is launching this April in US, EU, SEA, and KR.

Four Major Types of Classes: Customize Your Own Unique Character!

Upon entering the game, players get to customize their character’s appearance, and afterwards select a desired class to play. Classes are as follows: the brave warrior who wields the power of the dragons, the Dragoon; the agile master of assassins and ninjutsu, the Shinobi; the one who controls different elements in the palm of their hands, the Elementalist; and the mystical child of nature, the Nymph. All four of these classes have their pros and different combat styles. Choose the type that best fits you!

Raid, Defend, and Plunder: A Diverse Combat System to Ignite Your Competitive Spirit

As the story progresses, players will unlock various types of features, like different instances and playstyles. From simple mob expeditions, to tower defense, to transforming and battling as Eidolons, to more complex plundering for goods, raiding Abysses, and even real-time combat. Players get to show off their incisive tactics, builds, combos, and overall character progressment through these exciting battles.

Encounter and Create Bonds with Different Eidolons!

In “Aura Kingdom 2”, by learning about Eidolons and their unique abilities, players can select specific Eidolons to aid them in combat, providing Envoys with beneficial buffs. Aside from appearing on the battlefield, every Eidolon plays an important role in the main story, and each have stories of their own. Learn where the Evereign’s name originated, or how the Legend of the Eight Heroes came to be, etc., all in which are related to the pasts of every Eidolon. Unravel the massive story that awaits!

Some familiar Eidolons, like the “Nine-Tailed Vixen, Kotonoha” and “Moonlight Maiden, Serena”, will also make an appearance in “Aura Kingdom 2”, though new Eidolons that have very much to do with the main story, like “Ramayan”, the New World’s Goddess, will also descend into the game: Goddess of Creation, Ramayan.

The highest power which created “Ramayan”. She has always just observes the world quietly, but she senses that the Demons will awaken the Demon Dragon again.

Given the current state of “Ramayan”, this is a disaster which will extinguish the humans and all other species. Such an ending is too boring for her. For things to go along with her script, Ramayan decided to transform into a human and guide you, the Envoy of Gaia, to become the light of hope for this world.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Stay Connected Through Guilds!

Players are encouraged to create a guild. Upon doing so, every guild will have their own guild territory consisting of various beneficial structures to construct. Active members will help the structures grow and level up faster. Being a part of the Evereign guild, all members are responsible for defending the guild from enemy invasion. As the guild progresses, mobs will spawn and attack Evereign.

It is the guild master’s duty to select an area and have guild members enter and defend the selected area. Members will merit rewards once all mob waves have been cleared. Besides defending the guild from enemy invasion, plans on guild v.s. guild and node wars with remarkably high bounty will be carried out in the future.

Extremely Customizable Appearance: Dye Accessories and Make Your One of a Kind Character!

Aside from character customization, “Aura Kingdom 2” also offers a diverse selection of costume and accessories to choose from, giving players the ultimate chance to be truly unique. Most noticeably, accessories can be placed in any designated position, adjusted in size, and can be rotated in any desired angle. Feel like putting a pair of glasses on your forehead or perhaps even a face mask over your eyes for no reason? Done!

The only limit is your imagination. Oops, same outfit as the person next to you? Awkward… not! “Aura Kingdom 2” has got it covered with a billion dyes to customize your outfit with. Be unique, wear your mood, or even cosplay your favorite anime character!