GameStop – Governor forces shameful games retailer to close stores during COVID-19 outbreak

As you all might have already known, many companies in Asia have implemented work-from-home schedules, including the gaming industries, due to how fast the COVID-19 virus spread from people to people. Hence, news and announcements were delayed. Many cities in America have also initiated lock downs, stating that only essential stores like groceries and pharmacies remain open. However, games retailer GameStop claimed its services are as essential, and hence ordered all its physical stores in America to remain open. Jerks.

However, according to a Reddit post, the governor of Pennsylvania got “pissed” at the stance of GameStop, and decided to take things into his own (or rather his office) hands. How? But getting his office to past a notice stating that GameStop’s Operating Permit has been suspended until further notice (see below)! Since then, GameStop has announced it is finally closing all its physical stores to customers, though some will switch to a “delivery at the door” service. This is the perfect time for companies to show that they care about their employees, and GameStop needs to be actually forced to do so. Shameful management!