SINoALICE – New global publisher announced for delayed mobile RPG

Since the mass “restructuring” at Nexon started last year, many projects have stopped, with the gaming giant claiming that no employees have been let go. SINoALICE, developed by Japanese studio Pokelabo in collaboration with Square Enix, was 1 of the games left in limbo. Today, Nexon finally announced that the global game service for SINoALICE will be transferred to developer Pokelabo, the studio directly handling operations. There is also a new pre-registration website as well for SINoALICE by Pokelabo, so click on the link below!


Nexon has also put out a new notice about the transferring pf pre-registration data over to Pokelabo, as seen below. There is currently no update on the other highly-anticipated game which Nexon is working with Square Enix on, Final Fantasy R², which is supposedly be a MMORPG for mobile platforms. Stay tuned for updates and stay safe during this period!

Update: Here are the representatives from Square Enix and Pokelabo talking about their plans for the global launch of SINoALICE!