Project B.E.E – Quick look at new indie mobile action RPG from China

As the festive season continues, there might not be as many interesting news or rumors floating around. Hence, there is not a better time to showcase more indie mobile games from China! After a couple of quality action RPG titles such as Punishing: Gray Raven and VGAME, Project B.E.E might seem a step down in terms of overall quality. However, this is just the game’s first Closed Beta limited to 4,000 players, so I would rather look at the core and what could be improved. The video quality isn’t that great, as true 60 FPS is not in yet.

Basically, after the global success of Honkai Impact, there are more developers following the action RPG wave. Even Devil May Cry is getting into the action. Project B.E.E is the first game from a new indie studio, so I do wish to cut them some slack for its first ever public test version. Though rough around the edges, there is much promise in terms of combat and a cyberpunk-themed lore. Quests seem repetitive, but which game’s isn’t? Stay tuned!